What is CSAT Survey

CSAT (Customer Satisfaction) surveys are a tool used by businesses to measure the satisfaction of their customers with their products or services. These surveys typically ask customers to rate their overall satisfaction with the experience they had with a business on a scale of 1-5, 1-7 or 1-10, depending on the scale used. The results of these surveys are used by businesses to identify areas where they need to improve their products or services to better meet the needs of their customers.

How is the CSAT Score calculated?

The CSAT score is calculated by taking the sum of all the ratings provided by customers and dividing that by the total number of ratings. This provides an average score that can be used to determine the overall satisfaction of customers with a business. The CSAT score is typically presented as a percentage, with 100% being the highest possible score.

Using MakeForms for creating a CSAT Survey

MakeForms is a powerful survey maker that can be used to create CSAT surveys quickly and easily. With MakeForms, you can create custom surveys that match the branding of your business and include questions that are relevant to your customers. You can also customize the rating scale used in the survey to match your specific needs.

MakeForms also provides a range of advanced features that can be used to analyze the results of your survey, including real-time reporting and analytics, response tracking, and more. This makes it easy to identify areas where your business needs to improve to better meet the needs of your customers.


One of the key differences between CSAT and NPS is that CSAT surveys measure satisfaction with a specific interaction or experience, while NPS surveys measure overall loyalty to a business. CSAT surveys are often used to identify specific areas for improvement, while NPS surveys are used to understand the overall health of a business’s customer relationships.

Another difference is that CSAT surveys typically use a scale ranging from 1 to 5, 1 to 7, or 1 to 10, while NPS surveys use a scale of 0 to 10. This means that the score calculation is different for each metric, and businesses need to take this into account when interpreting the results.

Finally, while both metrics are useful for measuring customer satisfaction and loyalty, they each have their own strengths and weaknesses. CSAT surveys are more granular and can help identify specific areas for improvement, while NPS surveys provide a more holistic view of customer loyalty.

Example of CSAT Questions

  • How satisfied were you with the product/service you received?
  • How would you rate the quality of the product/service you received?
  • How responsive was our customer service team to your needs?
  • Did our product/service meet your expectations?
  • How likely are you to recommend our product/service to others?
  • How easy was it to navigate our website and find the information you needed?
  • Were you satisfied with the delivery time of your order?