MakeForms’ custom branding feature allows users to fully customize the look and feel of their forms. Make your forms truly your own. Upload your own fonts, logos, and colors, and even publish your forms to your own subdomain.

Here are some key features of custom branding with MakeForms:


Custom Fonts

Choose the fonts used in your forms! Upload your own or choose from a variety of default fonts available. You can also set different fonts for different types of text within your forms, such as headings and body text. The Custom Branding feature allows you to create a more visually engaging form that aligns with your brand.


Logo and Favicon

Reinforce your branding and make your forms more recognizable by adding your own logo and favicon on them. With our custom branding feature, you can easily upload your own logo and favicon, and display your branding on your forms.


Brand Colors

Enjoy full control over the colors used in your forms. Ensure your forms match your branding and look professional and polished by setting your own colours in the backend.


Custom Domain

Publish your forms to your own subdomain with MakeForms’ custom branding feature. This means you get to maintain complete control over your forms and ensure that they are fully integrated with your website and branding.

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Custom branded forms can be useful for a variety of industries, including but not limited to:

  • Marketing:
    Create surveys, quizzes, and customer feedback forms that match your brand’s marketing campaigns and messaging.
  • Healthcare:
    Create patient intake forms, appointment forms, or feedback forms that align with your healthcare company’s branding style.
  • Education:
    Create student registration forms, event registration forms, or feedback forms that complement the school’s or institution’s visual identity.
  • E-commerce:
    Create customer feedback forms, product feedback forms, or surveys that align with your brand’s style.
  • Non-profits:
    Create sign-up forms, event registration forms, or feedback forms that go with the non-profit’s purpose and cause.
  • Hospitality:
    Create feedback forms, event registration forms, or surveys that distinguish the hotel’s or restaurant’s branding.
  • Real Estate:
    Create property feedback forms, home valuation forms, or surveys that are in-line with the real estate company’s visual identity.
  • Events:
    Create event registration forms, speaker feedback forms, or surveys that match the event’s look and feel.
  • Finance:
    Create loan application forms or investment feedback forms that look professional and suit the financial institution.
  • Human Resources:
    Create employee feedback forms, job application forms, or surveys that fit the company’s corporate identity.