Pivot Tables

Create custom filters, sort data by specific criteria, and visualize their data in charts and graphs with BI view. Drill down into specific data points to get a better understanding of your company’s trends and patterns. Additionally, the BI view provides real-time data updates, allowing you to stay up-to-date on your data insights.

Data Filters

Filter out submissions to quickly identify trends and issues within your data and take necessary steps to improve your products or services with BI view. This is ideal when dealing with large amounts of data and wanting to narrow it down to specific data points.

For example, let’s say a company has created a MakeForms survey to collect feedback about their customer service. They receive a large number of submissions and want to filter the data to see only the responses that mention a particular issue. Using the BI view, they can apply a filter such as “contains the word ‘wait time’ and see only the responses that mention waiting time.

How a Business Intelligence View can help your business


Sales Analysis

Analyze sales data by region, product, or salesperson with BI view. Identify the products that are selling the most, the regions that are performing well, and the salespeople who are the most effective.


Customer Segmentation

Segment customers based on demographic data, purchasing behavior, or other criteria with BI view. Identify the customers who are most valuable, ones that are at risk of leaving, and ones that may be interested in new products or services.


Market Research

Analyze market research data and identify trends, patterns, and insights with BI view. Make better decisions about product development, marketing strategy, and other aspects of  the business with better data insights.


Employee Performance

Track employee performance data and identify areas for improvement with BI view. This can help them provide targeted training and coaching, recognize high-performing employees, and improve overall productivity of the company.


Financial Analysis

Analyze financial data such as revenue, expenses, and profit margins with BI view. Identify areas where one can cut costs, increase revenue, and improve profitability within and outside the company.


Optimize Strategy

Analyze customer feedback from a form and gain insights into what menu items are most popular, what dishes receive the most complaints, and what areas of service need improvement with BI view.