How businesses can use Summary View

Gain Quicker and Better Insights

Quickly and easily gain insights from your surveys and questionnaires with MakeForms’ Summary View feature.

For example, if your business decides to conduct an employee survey to understand employees job satisfaction levels, once the submissions roll in, you can quickly get an idea of the results with the help of visual data displayed in the form of a pie chart and bar graphs. This helps you understand your employees and data better to determine which employee development programs are likely to be most effective next.

Identify Trends And Patterns

Identify and analyze user behaviour and gain better insight of your data with visuals.

For example, you conduct a survey form with multiple-choice questions that ask respondents about their favorite ice cream flavors. The options are given: chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, and mint chocolate chip. Using the Summary View, you can instantly see the percentage of respondents who chose each option, view the total number of responses, and the number of unique views. This information can help you identify trends and patterns in the data based on your customer’s preferences.

MakeForms Summary View Features

Graphs and Charts

Presents your data in the form of graphs and charts, depending on the type of field. For instance, using a pie chart for a multiple-choice field, while a linear scale field can be presented as a bar graph. This helps offer a visual representation of the data making it easier to understand and analyze.


Summary View also offers an overview of the form performance by providing general analytics such as the number of unique views, total views, and the amount of time spent on the form. This helps you understand how users are interacting with your products or services.

Who can use Summary View


Market Research

Gather data on customer preferences, demographics, and buying habits for your marketing campaigns. Use the data collected to help the firm visualize the data and create successful campaigns.


HR Surveys

Collect feedback from employees on issues such as job satisfaction, benefits, and company culture and use the data insights to identify areas for improvement and make employee-welfare decisions.


Event Management

Aggregate opinions from attendees on event logistics, entertainment, and overall experience to help identify areas for improvement and plan future events more seamlessly.


Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Collect feedback from customers on their experience with the business. The insights gained can help the business identify areas for improvement and make data-driven decisions to enhance customer satisfaction.


Nonprofit Organizations

Bring together data on programs, services, and impact of your NGOs, and gain insights in form of charts and graphs that can help the organization communicate its impact to donors, funders, and other stakeholders.



Compile feedback from students and parents on issues such as course content, teaching methods, and facilities. Use the analytics to identify areas for improvement and make decisions that improve the educational experience for students.



Collect patient feedback on issues such as wait times, quality of care, and communication with healthcare providers with Summary View. The data insights help improve the patient’s experience at your healthcare facility.


Financial Services

Amass feedback from customers on issues such as account management, customer service, and product offerings with Summary View. This would help improve client satisfaction and put you on the fasttrack to success.


Product Development

Pool insights from customers on new products or features with Summary View. Use the visual data insights to identify patterns, trends, areas for improvement and modify the product or feature to enhance user-experience.


Small Businesses

Procure feedback, track sales, and monitor inventory to help your business identify areas for improvement, make data-driven decisions, enhance the customer experience and increase sales with Summary View data insights.