Table View Key Features

Seen / Unseen

Keep track of which submissions that are already viewed and ones that are new by marking new submissions as “unseen” until the user views them. This helps to ensure that no submissions are missed.


Assign custom tags to submissions to categorize and organize them. This makes it easy for users to filter and search for submissions based on their tags.

Sensitive Data

Mask sensitive data fields such as email addresses, phone numbers, and credit card numbers from unauthorized users in your WorkSpace. MakeForms allows users to restrict access to high-risk data to authorized individuals only.

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Verified / Unverified

Verify the authenticity of the submitted with MakeForms. Send an OTP to the mobile number or email address provided by them. This helps to ensure that the data provided by the users is genuine and accurate

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Source Mapping

Identify form submissions with MakeForms, based on where they are coming from, such as the website or landing page. This facilitates tracking the performance of different marketing campaigns.

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MakeForms allows users to bookmark important submissions to enable easy access for future reference.

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Mark As Spam

Flag submissions that are spam or irrelevant. MakeForms helps filter out unwanted submissions and keep the data clean and relevant.

Export Data

Export form submissions in various formats, including CSV, Excel, and PDF for further analysis or sharing with MakeForms.

Manual Entry

Manually add submissions to the form data with MakeForms. This is ideal for occasions when the submission is received on a different channel or was not submitted through the form.

Print Submission

Print submissions directly from the Table View with MakeForms for creating hard copies or for sharing the data in a physical format.


Searching for submissions made quick and easy with MakeForms. Users are now allowed to search for submissions based on various criteria, including keywords, tags, and date ranges.