Name Field

Collect name under a standard name field. You can also split your name field into separate fields for first, middle and last names.


Gather detailed address under the address field by splitting the field into separate fields for collecting street address, city, state, and zip code.


By simply toggling a switch, collect your users’ email IDs and also verify via OTP to ensure the data given is accurate.

Phone Number

Collect users’ phone numbers and verify for accuracy via OTPs by simply toggling a switch.

Time Picker

Time picker allows users to select a specific time without having to manually type in the form.

Text Field

Gather data via text forms with MakeForms. They work great in contact forms, feedback forms, surveys and registration forms.

Number Input

Gather numerical data with Number Input field and collect information such as contact number, financial information, etc.

Text Area

Gather lengthier text answers under the Input Text-area field.

Paragraph Text

Offer additional information, instructions and form context with MakeForms’ Paragraph Text field.


Offer users’ limited options to choose a single answer from with MakeForms’ Dropdown field.

Single Choice

Enable users to make a single choice from a limited set of options with MakeForms’ Single Choice field.

Multi Choice

Create forms with multiple options for users to choose from with MakeForms’ Multi-choice field.


Add images to your form with MakeForms’ image feature. They are ideal for quizzes, tests, surveys and more.

File Upload

Upload a file quick and easy with File Upload feature. Attach, submit and load documents, portfolios and CVs as a part of form submissions.


Make your forms easy to read through by separating your forms into manageable sections with MakeForms’ Dividers.


Add spaces between your form elements to improve visual appeal and readability with MakeForms’ Spacer feature.

Page Break

Break form into multiple pages to improve the readability and user-experience of the form with MakeForms’ Page Breakers.


Collect feedback from users in a numerical form with Ratings. Users can add a rating field to the form and specify the scale of the rating.

Like/ Dislike

Allow users to indicate a positive or negative experience from a particular item or idea with MakeForms’ Like/Dislike field.

Number slider

Select a numerical value within a specified range with MakeForms’ Slider feature.

Legal Consent

Gather a user’s agreement to the terms and conditions or privacy policy of an organization with Legal Consent field.

Calculated Field

Generate dynamic results based on entered values in other fields with MakeForms’ Calculator field.

Electronic Signature

Collection the signature of the user filling out the form an electronic signature or e-signature.


Allow users to input multiple answers in a table format with MakeForms’ Matrix input.


Enhance the user experience of a form by organizing the fields with MakeForms’ Layout field.

Repeater [ Coming Soon ]

Reduce manual typing and enable users to repeat a set of form fields multiple times with Repeater Field input.