Collect Data Accurately

An input number field is used in forms to capture numerical data. It is commonly used in forms that require numerical inputs such as contact information, financial information, ratings, and scores.

MakeForms allows the user to add in their numbers and set maximum length and step increments to ensure that the data collected is accurate and consistent. Additionally, the user can mark the field as sensitive data to mask the data, making it viewable only by administrators. This can help secure sensitive information such as financial data or personal information.

Here are some of the ways Input number fields can be used in forms to capture numerical answers:


Contact information

Businesses can use number input fields to collect phone numbers, postal codes, and other contact information that require numerical inputs.


Financial information

Number input fields are ideal for collecting bank account numbers, credit card numbers, and other financial information.



Information such as age, salary, and other numerical answers to demographic questions can be easily collected.



Collect, manage, and organize reservations, and bookings such as number of guests, room type, and other information with numerical inputs.



Numerical ratings and feedback for products and services can help businesses understand their customers better.


Health information

Blood pressure, body mass index, and other health-related numerical information can be easily collected with set maximum/minimum inputs.


Education information

Number input fields are ideal for entering scores, grades, and other educational-related numerical information.



Event registrations utilize numerical inputs in forms for collecting number of attendees, payment information, and other information.

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