A single choice field in a form provides a list of options for the user to select from. This type of field is ideal when a single selection is required from a limited set of options such as surveys, quizzes, and questionnaires. 

Single Choice Field in MakeForms

Users now have the flexibility to change the appearance of their single choice field. The type of appearances for Single Choice Field available are:

  • Normal radio button
  • Pill select
  • Image-based radio button

Fields can also be marked as sensitive data, so that only administrators can view the collected data later.

How to use Single Choice/Radio Buttons in your form:

Here’s some of the ways Single Choice field can be used in your forms:

  • Gender selection – Male/Female/Other
  • Marital status – Single/Married/Divorced/Widowed
  • Education level – High school/College/Graduate/Post-Graduate
  • Employment type – Full-time/Part-time/Freelance/Retired
  • Customer feedback – Very satisfied/Satisfied/Very dissatisfied/Neutral/Dissatisfied
  • Payment methods – Cash on Delivery/Credit card/Debit card/PayPal/Net Banking
  • Age group – Under 18/18-24/25-34/35-44/45-54/55+
  • and many more applications.