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A time picker field in forms provides a convenient way for users to select a specific time without manually typing it out. This is especially useful for forms that require specific times for appointments, registrations & more.

MakeForms provides Time Picker with additional customization options, such as the 12-hour or 24-hour format, pre-filling with the current time, and allowing time selection within a specific range, to enhance the user experience.

Here’s why a Time-picker field in forms is beneficial for businesses that require time input:



Scheduling appointments made quick and easy as users can now choose from the time available and suitable for them.



Book, organize and manage event registrations and activities at our time input field.


Plan travel

Travel is made easy and organized with a time picker field. Schedule visits and transportation better.



Businesses can now set reminders for upcoming events/appointments that allow users to get notified and stay informed.



HRs and businesses can use time pickers to record and store employee attendance and work hours of each individual.


Streamline schedules

The time picker field allows easy coordination between customers and employees for their delivery/pickup schedules.


Set deadlines

Streamline tasks and projects and set or manage deadlines for each task with our time-picker field.

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