Form designers can distribute their forms via multiple channels and track the responses they obtain by using sources or collectors in their forms. For forms that are published across numerous locations or platforms, such as websites, social media, email campaigns, etc., this capability is very helpful!

For instance, a business can utilise a variety of sources to monitor the feedback it receives from email, social media, and internet advertising. This can assist the business in determining which marketing channels are receiving the most feedback so that it can adjust its approach.

MakeForms allows you to publish and customise these settings at source level: each form as a source, and has its own dedicated link, cut-off time, restrictions, password protection, analytics and tracking, and other features. This enables businesses to efficiently track and analyse the responses collected from each source.

With MakeForms users can publish & customise the following settings at source level:

  • Dedicated Link
  • Meta tags
  • Cut-off time
  • Restrict Responses
  • Password Protect
  • Pixel Code
  • Form Page – Analytics & Pixel Tracking
  • Thank You Page – Analytics & Pixel Tracking
  • Partial Submission
  • Multiple responses
  • Instant result
  • Cookie Consent

Types of forms that would require sources/collectors:



Marketing Forms

Monitor results from many marketing channels like social media, email campaigns, and more.


Event Registration Forms

Analyze registration responses from various event sites that your link is posted to.


Survey Forms

Monitor feedback from various distribution channels where your form is shared.


Feedback Forms

Evaluate feedback and compare the volume of responses from various customer touch points.


Job Application Forms

Keep track of which job postings site or channel is bringing in the most applications.


Order Forms

Track which sales channel is bringing in the highest number of orders.


Contact Forms

Keep track of which consumer support channel your customers are finding most approachable.