For educational organizations wishing to simplify their data collection procedures, MakeForms is a great solution, it provides a wide variety of form types that may be tailored to match the particular requirements of each educational institution. Educational institutions can now gather and analyze data fast and effectively with features like conditional logic, workflows, and data structure with MakeForms.

Educational institutions can use MakeForms to streamline their admissions processes, collect feedback from students and parents, and even create quizzes and assessments. With MakeForms, rest assured that the data is secure and that they are in compliance with industry requirements. Additionally, educational institutions can make sure that their forms reflect their brand and professionalism with MakeForms’ custom branding and domain mapping.

7 Best Practices for Crafting Highly Effective Online Forms in the Education Sector through MakeForms:

Keep it simple:

Users may become overwhelmed by too many fields, which lowers response rates.

Use conditional logic:

For a more individualized experience, show or hide fields according to a user’s prior responses.

Utilize workflows to automate tasks:

Workflows can be used to automate processes like allocating work to team members or sending follow-up emails.

Use custom branding to reinforce your institution's brand:

Tailor – made branding can assist develop a credible image and improve brand recognition.

Take advantage of data organization features:

Organize form data to quickly assess and acquire insights into responses,

Use verified submissions to ensure data accuracy:

Verified submissions can aid in ensuring the accuracy and dependability of the data gathered.

Ensure compliance with industry regulations:

To make sure the institution complies with industry requirements, use privacy and security compliance tools.

The types of questions to include in a form for the Education Industry:

  • Personal Information: Collect users’ name, email address, phone number, home address, grade level, and other relevant details.
  • Academic Information: Gather students’ enrollment status, academic interests, past educational experience, GPA, standardized test scores, and academic achievements.
  • Course Information: Get input about course preferences, preferred class times, major or program of study, and prerequisites.
  • Financial Information: Collect financial aid eligibility, scholarships, grants, loans, and other financial resources.
  • Demographic Information: Get to know about students’ demographic information like age, gender, ethnicity, and other relevant details.
  • Campus Experience: Ask questions about students’ campus life, extracurricular activities, housing, and student support services.
  • Feedback and Suggestions: Gather insights on the institution, courses, facilities, or any other aspect of the education experience.

Types of Forms used in the Education Industry

Admission Forms

Collect information from potential students and streamline the admissions process. With MakeForms’ custom branding and domain mapping, admission forms can reflect the institution’s brand and professionalism.

Enrollment Forms:

Students who want to be enrolled into an educational institution can provide information using Enrollment forms. Modify forms according to a student’s program using MakeForms’ conditional logic function.

Scholarship Forms

Gather information from students applying for scholarships via scholarship applications. You can also automate the application evaluation process with MakeForms’ workflows functionality.

Feedback Forms

Use feedback forms to get opinions from faculty, parents, and students. Feedback forms can be used to examine and acquire insights into feedback due to the data organizing features of MakeForms.

Event Registration Forms

Collect data quick and easy from registrants with event registration forms. The accuracy of attendance data can be guaranteed by MakeForms’ validated submissions for event registration forms.

Parent Consent Forms

Obtain parent’s permission for field excursions and media releases. Parent permission forms can make sure that the institution complies with industry regulations with MakeForms’ privacy compliance capabilities.

Course Evaluation Forms

Gather student feedback on their courses with Course Evaluation Forms. Customize forms based on the student’s program or course of study with MakeForms’ conditional logic capability.

Parent-Teacher Conference Forms

Arrange parent-teacher conferences with Parent-Teacher Conference Forms. Automate scheduling process with the help of MakeForms’ workflows function, customize forms to align with school’s logo with the use of its custom branding and domain mapping tools.

Scholarship Application Forms

MakeForms can provide a reliable platform for collecting and processing scholarship applications. MakeForms’ conditional logic feature can help tailor forms and customize as per requirement.

Volunteer Sign-Up Forms

MakeForms’ team collaboration feature can help facilitate communication and coordination between volunteers and organizers. Additionally, keep track of your volunteers with data organization feature.

Campus Visit Forms

MakeForms’ custom branding and form design features can help create a welcoming and professional campus visit experience. Additionally, its conditional logic feature can help tailor the visit itinerary to each visitor’s interests and needs.

Course Evaluation Forms

Course evaluation forms can provide valuable feedback to teachers and administrators. MakeForms’ verified submissions and data organization features can help ensure the accuracy and confidentiality of evaluation responses.

Library Book Request Forms

MakeForms’ form sources feature can help streamline the process of requesting books and other materials from the school library. With custom branding and domain mapping, the library can ensure that the forms are easy to access and use for students and staff.

Student Club Sign-Up Forms

Manage the process of signing up for student clubs and organizations, including tracking membership and event participation with MakeForms. Customizing design features can also help promote club activities and events to the wider school community.

Field Trip Permission Forms:

Ensure that schools have accurate and updated information about students’ medical conditions and emergency contacts when planning and executing field trips. Automate the process of obtaining parental consent and organizing transportation and logistics.

Internship Application Forms

Tailor internship application forms as per requirements with MakeForms. Verified submissions and secure data storage features in MakeForms can provide a reliable platform for collecting and processing internship applications.

Alumni Donation Forms

MakeForms’ custom branding and form design features can help create a compelling and easy-to-use donation form, while its data organization feature can help schools keep track of donors’ contact information and giving history.

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