The Hospitality industry is customer-focused, and thus, gathering customer data is vital to delivering personalized and superior customer experiences. Online forms are an excellent tool to capture this data efficiently. MakeForms provides an online form builder that is secure, GDPR-compliant, and customizable, making it an excellent option for the Hospitality industry.

Online forms created using MakeForms can be used to capture data in various situations. For instance, during the booking process, forms can be used to capture guests’ preferences, dietary restrictions, and other information that can be used to enhance their experience. Forms can also be used for event registration, feedback collection, and more. Benefits of using MakeForms to capture this data digitally include streamlined data collection, improved data accuracy, and the ability to easily analyze and act upon the data collected.

The Hospitality industry should use online forms created using MakeForms whenever they want to capture customer data. This can include on the hotel or restaurant website, during the booking or registration process, or even on tablets or other mobile devices on-site. The forms can be customized to fit the specific needs of the industry, including the branding, the types of questions asked, and the security measures in place to protect sensitive data.

7 Best Practices for Crafting Highly Effective Online Forms in the Hospitality Sector through MakeForms:

Keep it Simple

Ensure that your forms are easy to understand, with clear instructions and simple language.

Use Visuals

Incorporate images and videos to enhance the customer experience and improve engagement.


Make sure that your forms are mobile-optimised, as most customers use their mobile devices to access online forms.


Use conditional logic to personalise forms based on the customer’s responses.

Test your Forms

Before publishing your forms, test them to ensure that they work correctly and are error-free.

Custom Branding

Customise the look and feel of your forms to align with your brand identity.

By following these tips, you can create an online form that is user-friendly, professional, and effective in capturing data.

The types of questions to consider including in a Hospitality form:

  • Contact information: Name, email address, phone number, and mailing address.
  • Travel plans: Ask about the customer’s travel plans, including dates of arrival and departure, travel companions, and travel purpose (e.g., leisure, business).
  • Accommodation preferences: Ask about the customer’s preferred type of accommodation (e.g., hotel, resort, vacation rental), and what amenities they are looking for (e.g., pool, spa, fitness center).
  • Dining preferences: Ask about the customer’s preferred dining options, including any dietary restrictions or preferences.
  • Activities and events: Ask about the customer’s interest in activities and events offered by the hotel or resort, such as guided tours, classes, or live entertainment.
  • Feedback on previous stays: Ask for the customer’s feedback on previous stays at your property, including what they liked and what they didn’t like, and any suggestions for improvement.
  • Demographics: Ask about the customer’s age, gender, occupation, and income level.
  • Referral sources: Ask how they heard about your property, who referred them, and if they would refer others.

Types of Forms used in the Hospitality Industry

Reservation Form

Make reservations for hotel rooms, event spaces, restaurants, or other hospitality services.

Check-in form

Guests can provide their personal details and payment method

Check-out form

Guests can confirm their payment details and check-out time

Group booking form

Allow bookings of multiple rooms or tables for events

Catering Request Form

Gather data from visitors interested in catering services for occasions like weddings or business meetings.

Room Service Order Form

Allow visitors to order in-room services or other amenities.

Event Registration Form

Let visitors sign up for occasions the hospitality service is hosting, including conferences or workshops.

Lost and Found Form

Visitors who have lost or discovered their items in the hotel or restaurant property can fill out this form to provide information.

Loyalty program

Collect information from guests for a loyalty program.

Special Request Form

Compile information from visitors who have particular requirements, like preferred room settings or dietary needs.

Valet Request Form

Enable visitors to ask for valet parking for their cars.

Sales Inquiry Form

Ask prospective customers about hospitality services for occasions or other needs.

Group Accommodation Request Form

Enable visitors to request group accommodations like meeting rooms or room blocks.

Lost Key Form

Get information from visitors who have misplaced their room keys so that a new one can be made.

Wedding Inquiry Form

Ask prospective consumers about the hotel’s or restaurant’s wedding services and packages.

Laundry Request Form

Allow visitors to ask for dry cleaning or laundry services.

Spa Reservation Form

Guests can use this form to reserve spa treatments like massages and facials.

Conference Room Reservation Form

Give visitors the option to reserve conference rooms or other meeting locations.

Maintenance Request Form

Permit visitors to report any upkeep problems or repairs required in their rooms or on the hotel grounds.

Loyalty Program Sign-up

Sign up clients for loyalty programs

Membership Application Form

Gather membership applications for loyalty programs the hotel or restaurant offers, which may include prizes like discounts or awards.

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