The Payroll industry can benefit greatly from using online forms as it allows for efficient and accurate data collection, as well as reduces the time and resources required for manual data entry. Online forms can be used in a variety of scenarios such as employee onboarding, tax document collection, and benefit enrollment. With MakeForms, you can create and customize forms to your specific needs, with options to include conditional logic, workflows, and custom branding.

Capturing data digitally using online forms provides a variety of benefits for your Payroll processes. In situations where employee data needs to be collected, such as new hires, online forms can simplify the process by reducing manual data entry and minimizing errors. Additionally, with MakeForms, data can be organized and filtered, allowing for easy access to specific information. Furthermore, the ability to share and embed forms streamlines the collection process, making it easier for employees to access and complete forms on their own time.

Online forms can be used whenever employee data needs to be collected or updated. This can include new hires, employee reviews, and benefit enrollment. In terms of where, forms can be shared via email or embedded on a company website. With MakeForms, the Payroll industry can also use domain mapping to ensure forms are integrated into their website seamlessly.

7 Best Practices for Crafting Highly Effective Online Forms in the Payroll Sector through MakeForms:

Ensure clarity

Use a clear and concise language that is easy to understand for customers and prospects.

Pick the right form type

Choose the right form format that best suits the purpose of the form, such as one at a time, step forms, or all at once.

Ask meaningful questions

Include relevant fields and questions that provide valuable insights into consumer behavior, market trends, and customer preferences.

Ask relevant questions

Use conditional logic to tailor the form to the specific needs of customers and prospects.

Align your branding

Add custom branding to the form to improve the visual appeal and user experience.

Share across platforms

Embed the form on your website and social media pages to increase visibility and response rates.

Make the most of analytics

Analyze the data collected using MakeForms to gain insights and make informed business decisions.

By following these tips, you can create an online form that is user-friendly, professional, and effective in capturing data.

The types of questions to include in a Payroll form 

  • Basic employee information: Basic employee information can be gathered with this type of query, such as the employee’s name, address, and birthdate.
  • Tax document collection: Employers might use this kind of query to ask for employees’ W-4 and I-9 forms, among other tax-related paperwork.
  • Benefit enrollment: This kind of inquiry can be used to learn more about an employee’s participation in benefits like health insurance and 401(k)s.
  • Employee performance evaluation: This kind of survey can be used to get employees’ opinions on their own performance as well as manager evaluations.
  • Time off requests: Requests for time off, such as vacation or sick leave, can be gathered from employees using this form of query.
  • Payroll deduction authorizations: Authorizations for payroll deductions, such as those for garnishments or child support, can be obtained from employees using this sort of question.
  • Direct deposit authorization: This kind of inquiry can be used to obtain consent from employees for direct deposit of their pay.
  • Emergency contact information: Information about emergency contacts can be gathered from employees using this kind of query.
  • Exit interviews: By asking this kind of inquiry, you can get feedback from workers who are quitting your organization.
  • Employee satisfaction surveys: Employers can provide feedback on their employees’ job happiness and other relevant issues by asking them questions of this nature.

Types of Forms used in the Payroll Industry

New Hire Onboarding Form

Collect basic employee information, tax documents, and benefit enrollment information for new hires.

Employee Performance Evaluation Form

Allow for self-evaluation and manager review of employee performance.

Time Off Request Form

Allow employees to request vacation, sick leave, or other time off.

Payroll Deduction Authorization Form

Authorize deductions from an employee’s paycheck, such as for garnishments or child support.

Direct Deposit Authorization Form

Authorize direct deposit of an employee’s paycheck into their bank account.

Emergency Contact Information Form

Collect contact information for an employee’s emergency contacts.

Exit Interview Form

Collect feedback from employees who are leaving the company.

Employee Satisfaction Survey Form

Collect feedback from employees regarding their satisfaction with the company and their job.

Benefit Enrollment Form

Allow employees to enroll in company-provided benefits, such as health insurance and 401k.

Tax Withholding Form

Allow employees to adjust the amount of taxes withheld from their paycheck.

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