Real Estate industry online forms are an efficient way to capture data digitally, which can save time and money. Additionally, they can improve the accuracy of the data collected and simplify the process of sharing information. Using online forms can streamline these processes, resulting in a faster and more efficient workflow.

Real estate agents can quickly add conditional logic, workflows, and unique branding to forms with MakeForms, which can enhance the user experience and boost response rates.

MakeForms also provides validated submissions, sensitive data protection, and security compliance, all of which help to guarantee the security and accuracy of the information gathered.

When asking clients, business partners, or staff members for information, real estate agents can use online forms. These forms can be used in a variety of places, including their website, social media accounts, emails, and mobile apps. For instance, a real estate agent can email a form to a customer to get feedback or they might embed one on their website to gather leads. One-at-a-time, step, and all-at-once form formats, among others, are available through MakeForms and can be adjusted to suit specific circumstances.

7 Best Practices for Crafting Highly Effective Online Forms in the Real Estate Sector through MakeForms:

Keep it simple:

Avoid overwhelming potential clients with too many questions or unnecessary information.

Use conditional logic:

Use conditional logic to tailor the form based on the user’s responses, making the form more personalized.

Include clear instructions:

Provide clear and concise instructions on how to fill out the form, reducing the likelihood of user errors.

Utilize branding:

Establish your professional image on the form by using your own branding.

Include validation:

Use validation to make sure users are entering accurate data, hence lowering the possibility of mistakes and inaccuracies.

Use secure hosting:

To protect your data and the data of your clients, make sure your forms are housed on a secure server.

Test the form:

Before posting, extensively test the form to make sure it is functional and easy to use.

The types of questions to include in a Real Estate form: 

  • Contact information: Name, email, phone, and preferred contact method are included.
  • Property preferences: Inquire about the kind of house they are considering, their ideal location, and any particular characteristics they have in mind.
  • Budget and financing: Ask about their budget and financing options, including whether they are pre-approved for a mortgage or plan to pay in cash.
  • Timelines: Ask about their timeline for purchasing or renting a property, and whether they are flexible with move-in dates.
  • Property history: Ask if they have previously owned or rented property, and if so, about their experiences with those properties.
  • Agent preferences: Ask if they prefer to work with a particular real estate agent, or if they are open to working with any agent.
  • Referral sources: Ask how they heard about your real estate services, who referred them, and if they would refer others.
  • Additional information: Ask if they have any additional questions or concerns about the property buying or renting process.

Types of Forms used in the Real Estate Industry:

Property Evaluation Form

Collect information on a property to determine its value.

Rental Application Form

Collect information from potential tenants applying to rent a property.

Property Inspection Form

Document the condition of a property before and after a tenant’s occupancy.

Open House Feedback Form

Collect feedback from potential buyers after an open house.

Contact Information Form

Collect contact information from potential clients.

Buyer Information Form

Collect information from potential buyers to better understand their needs.

Seller Information Form

Collect information from potential sellers to better understand their needs.

Feedback Form for Tenants

Collect feedback from current tenants to improve their experience.

Maintenance Request Form

Allow tenants to submit maintenance requests.

Lease Agreement Form

Create and manage lease agreements with tenants.

Disclosure Form

Provide important disclosures to buyers before a sale.

Commission Agreement Form

Create commission agreements with other real estate professionals.

Comparative Market Analysis Form

Collect information to conduct a comparative market analysis.

Client Intake Form

Collect information on potential clients.

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