Protect sensitive information by controlling access to your forms with MakeForms’ Password Protected Forms that requires users to enter a password before accessing the form. With this feature, businesses can set a unique password for each form, ensuring that only authorized users can access it.



How to Enable Password Protection in MakeForms

Get password protection for your forms at a source level. MakeForms allows you to create multiple links for a form. Each link created is called a Source. A source is a way to organize your forms and data within MakeForms. Enabling password protection for a specific source means that a form within that source will now require a password to access it.

Here’s how to enable password protection for a specific source in MakeForms:

  • Log in to your MakeForms account. Select the source that you want to enable password protection for.
  • Click “Settings” in the top right corner of the screen.
  • In the “Source Settings” menu, click  the “Password Protection” tab.
  • Check the box next to “Password Protection” and set your password
  • Save your changes.

Once password protection is enabled for a specific source, any forms within that source will require the password set by you to get access to the form:

Password Protected Forms Use Case


Online Job Application Forms

Gather and protect sensitive information where the applicants’ personal information is collected by your company. To prevent any unauthorized access, you can set a password to make sure only authorized individuals can access and review your job application forms.


Sensitive Feedback Forms

Password-protect sensitive information on feedback forms like confidential information about employees, customers or clients. Setting a password will restrict access to the form and allow only authorized individuals to view the feedback.


Confidential Surveys

Protect your confidential surveys with a password to ensure that the data collected is only accessible to those with a need to know. Only authorized individuals can now access the survey and view the results.


Private Group Forms

Maintain the privacy and security of the group and its members with password-protected Private Group forms. Admins can set passwords so that only authorized members can participate in the form-filling.


Sensitive Information Forms

Ensure safety of your private data and prevent any unauthorized access to sensitive information such as medical or financial data with password-protected Sensitive Information forms. Creators can password-protect the forms for authorized access only.


Student Course Evaluations

Use password protection for your course evaluations where students can provide feedback on the course and the instructor is collected. School Admins can set a unique code to ensure that only authorized students can provide their feedback.


Employee Performance Reviews

Secure confidential feedback between HRs and employee regarding their performance with password protected forms. HRs can now set a password to their forms for authorized employee access only.


Internal Company Surveys

Guard confidential data from internal company surveys with password protection in forms.  HRs can ensure only authorized members view the form by setting a unique passcode.


Confidential Legal Documents

Shield legal documents that are confidential and contain sensitive information and ensure that only authorized individuals can view the documents with password protection forms.


Protected Customer Information

Protect and store sensitive personal information is collected from customers. Businesses can set a passwords for authorized individuals to access the form and review the sensitive information.