Efficient application forms lead to exact evaluations

The efficacy of your application forms will directly determine the outcome for your selection processes. Let our application forms assist you with gathering information from applicants to evaluate their qualifications and make informed decisions.


Job application forms

Our forms allow recent graduates and job applicants to provide their contact information, qualifications and resume.


Scholarship application forms

MakeForms scholarship application forms facilitate an ease of collecting an applicant’s contact information, academic record, and statement of purpose.


Grant application forms

Create an ideal grant application form with our wide range of customization.


Loan application forms

Our application form guarantees a simplified process to provide financial information with matrix tables and calculated fields.


Membership application forms

Your club can now design one custom membership application form to showcase its exclusivity.


Rental application forms

Screening eligible tenants easier with our application form with fields to provide information on tenant’s identity, employment status, rental history.


Credit application forms

These forms allow individuals or organizations to apply for credit and provide their contact information, financial information, and other relevant data.


Adoption application forms

Employ MakeForms’ custom application forms with conditional fields and make it easier for couples seeking to adopt.

Why Use MakeForms for Application Forms

Application forms are an essential part of the recruitment process, as well as for scholarships, grants and other opportunities.

  • Ease of collecting and managing applications
  • Custom Domain Url to establish authenticity.
  • Design your forms to match your brand.
  • Use widgets to embed forms on your website.
  • Connect responses to a source.
  • Track the status of applications.
  • Communicate with applicants.

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Drag and Drop elements and widgets to create stunning, effective forms in minutes!

Email Friendly Forms

Collect responses on email! Users can now fill and submit forms without leaving their inbox.

Most Compliant

We are compliant with SOC 2, HIPAA, ISO 27001:2013, PIPEDA, EU/UK GDPR, and Australian DPA.

150+ Templates

Pick from a vast library of templates, form types and designs tailored to your industry and use case.