Scheduling appointments has never been this easy!

Appointment forms are an essential part of running a business, providing a service, or managing an organization. Our smart appointment forms make scheduling convenient and efficient, and helps you stay ahead of things.

  • Manage schedule.
  • Track availability.
  • Track of appointments.
  • Modify appointments.
  • Connect responses to a source.

MakeForms give you superior control and flexibility with managing your appointments!


Medical appointment forms

Our pre-filled forms will make filling out medical appointments convenient for new and already established patients .


Salon appointment forms

Entice your clients to schedule appointments for hair care, manicure, or massage with exciting offers on display on your forms.


Car service appointment forms

Have your clients choose car services such as oil changes, tune-ups, and repairs through our forms, and collect contact information, service selection and vehicle information.


Fitness appointment forms

From personal training, fitness classes to private yoga classes, collect detailed information about the kind of appointment your clients want to schedule with you.


Consultation appointment forms

Customise your appointment forms for potential customers to schedule appointments for legal, financial or other professional consultation services and with MakeForms and watch your leads convert.


Real estate appointment forms

Our forms allow potential buyers or renters to schedule appointments to view properties and provide property preferences.


Technical support appointment forms

Our forms assist you to manage and schedule client bookings as well as activate automated follow-up emails where required.


Photoshoot appointment forms

Increase responses for your photoshoot application form by embedding it on your website.


Tutoring appointment forms

You can integrate our forms with calendar apps like Google Calendar and allow students or parents to schedule appointments for tutoring.


Pet grooming appointment forms

Customise your appointment forms to also display your brand logo and make it a fun form-filling experience for your clients.

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Prevent double-bookings with
MakeForms smart Appointment forms!

Drag and Drop

Drag and Drop elements and widgets to create stunning, effective forms in minutes!

Email Friendly Forms

Collect responses on email! Users can now fill and submit forms without leaving their inbox.

Most Compliant

We are compliant with SOC 2, HIPAA, ISO 27001:2013, PIPEDA, EU/UK GDPR, and Australian DPA.

150+ Templates

Pick from a vast library of templates, form types and designs tailored to your industry and use case.