Collect priceless data and insights for your research with MakeForms Research Forms. Our user-friendly drag and drop form builder makes it easy to create custom research forms.

Why Use MakeForms for Conducting Research:

MakeForms boasts of an array of form fields, tools, and Research Templates, that make it convenient to conduct research with online forms. You can create custom forms that can be distributed to your target audience in just a few minutes. Add different types of form fields, customize the design, and create multiple links for every form. You can also connect custom domains, widgets for embedding forms, and connect responses to a source.

Why Organizations Must Conduct Research:

Research is an essential tool for any company, organization, or NGO looking to make informed decisions and improve their products, services, or operations. Research allows you to gather information from or about your target audience, market, or industry. This information can be used to identify opportunities, develop new products or services, improve existing ones, and make data-driven decisions that will lead to your growth and success.

Types of Research That Can You Do With MakeForms:

There are many different types of research that can be done using our forms, such as:

Market Research

Compile data on a particular market, such as consumer preferences, purchasing patterns, and market trends.

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Gather comments regarding general client satisfaction with a company or group.

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Experimental research

Put theories or hypotheses to the test by asking the right questions.

Qualitative research

Carry out research to compile comprehensive data regarding a certain subject or population.

Quantitative research

Collect statistics and numerical data about a certain subject or population.

User experience (UX) research forms

Understand a product or service’s usability and design better by gathering information on user interactions and perceptions.

MakeForms is a powerful and versatile online form tool that can make your research and data collection process easier! Our user-friendly drag and drop interface, array of customization options, and the ability to connect responses to a source, makes MakeForms the ideal solution for any company, organization that needs to carry out large scale online research.

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