MakeForms helps you create seamlessly professional surveys for your business. Get started and choose from our popular templates that include market research surveys, customer feedback surveys, and more. Customize easily with our survey maker tool to fit your specific needs. From tweaking colours to adjusting question types, you’ll have everything you need to gather valuable insights from your audience.

Gather a well-rounded understanding of the opinions, preferences, and behaviors of your target audience with our different survey types that include:

Customer satisfaction surveys

Collect feedback from customers about their experience with a product or service.

Market research surveys

Gather information about consumer preferences, attitudes, and behaviors in a particular market.

Employee satisfaction surveys

Compile insights from employees about their job satisfaction, engagement, and overall experience at the company.

Product feedback surveys

Collect feedback from customers about a product, including its features, functionality, and overall satisfaction.

Demographic surveys

Gather information about your a specific region’s demographics, such as age, gender, education level, and income.

Online polls

Bring together quick, simple feedback from a large group of people on a specific topic or question.

Exit surveys

Gather feedback from people who are exiting an organization or event, such as employees leaving a company or attendees leaving a conference.