Using Makeforms, businesses can easily create, distribute, and analyse surveys. We make it simple for businesses of all sizes to get feedback from their clients and employees by providing a user-friendly interface and a large choice of customizable themes! Businesses can also try a variety of ways to examine their data, generate pivot tables, graphs, pie-charts and more!

With MakeForms, you can quickly and easily create business surveys from scratch or simply choose from variety of survey templates.

Customer satisfaction surveys

Get feedback from customers on what they think of a product or service.

Employee engagement survey

Request feedback from staff members regarding their engagement and satisfaction with their jobs and the company as a whole.

Market research surveys

Receive details about consumer preferences, buying trends, and perceptions of a company’s products or services.

Product development surveys

Get user feedback on newly created items or product features.

Net Promoter Score (NPS) surveys

Analyze customer loyalty and the likelihood that they’ll recommend a firm to others.

Exit surveys

Better understand the reasons behind departing employees’ decisions, get their feedback.

Onboarding surveys

Collect opinions on the onboarding process from new hires.

Training effectiveness survey

Find out from employees whether a training programme was successful.

Brand awareness survey

Analyze consumer perceptions of a company and brand awareness.

Demographic surveys

Obtain information on the age, gender, earnings, educational background, and other demographic characteristics of a company’s customers or employees.

User Experience (UX) surveys

Find out how customers are using a company’s website or app by asking them for feedback.

Social media surveys

Store customer input on how they feel about a company’s social media presence.

Event satisfaction survey

Obtain input from participants about their time at an occasion sponsored by the firm, such as a trade fair or conference.

Loyalty program surveys

Collect customers’ opinions on the company’s loyalty programme are gathered through these questionnaires.

Sales process surveys

Find out what the sales team thinks about the efficiency of the company’s sales process and what needs to be improved.

Health and Safety Surveys

Seek feedback from employees regarding their opinions of the cleanliness and safety of the workplace.

Supply Chain Surveys

Get feedback from suppliers regarding their dealings with a company.

IT Support Surveys

Determine where improvements can be made by getting feedback from employees about their experiences with IT support.

Post-purchase surveys

After a consumer makes a purchase, gather feedback from them to learn about their happiness with the purchase and whether they plan to make another one in the future.

Website usability surveys

Get comments regarding the website’s usability and navigation.

Employee turnover surveys:

Identify solutions to lower turnover by learning the reasons why people leave an organisation.

Employee retention surveys

Find out what motivates employees to stay with a company and devise strategies to boost retention.

Diversity and inclusion surveys

Learn more about a company’s diversity and inclusion policies and to pinpoint areas that need improvement.

Audit and compliance surveys

Request opinions from the workforce regarding their comprehension of the company’s policies and practises around audit and compliance.

Compliance surveys

Gather details from workers regarding their knowledge of the company’s compliance-related policies and processes.

Emergency response surveys

Determine ways to enhance by asking employees about their grasp of emergency response procedures.

Vendor performance surveys

Acquire vendor input on their interactions with a company and pinpoint areas for development.

Vendor satisfaction surveys

Accumulate feedback from suppliers regarding their experience doing business with a company.

Employee benefit surveys

Gauge opinions from employees regarding their satisfaction with company perks like retirement plans and health insurance.

Employee morale surveys

Seek input from workers regarding their motivation and attitude.

Employee recognition surveys

Ask staff members for comments on how they feel about the company’s recognition and incentives.

Employee development surveys

Get comments from employees about how they perceive the company’s possibilities for professional advancement.

Employee feedback surveys

Collect employee opinions about how the company communicates with them and provides feedback.

Employee turnover intention surveys

Gain viewpoints of employees regarding their propensity to leave the company soon.

Employee retention strategy surveys

Obtain employee opinions on the success of the company’s retention initiatives.

Employee safety and health surveys

Collect input from employees in relation how they feel about workplace health and safety.

Employee culture surveys

Get comments from employees regarding how they view the company’s culture.

Employee productivity surveys

Ask employees for input on their productivity and pinpoint areas that need improvement.

Employee skill and development surveys

Assess areas for development by asking employees for comments on their abilities.

Employee satisfaction surveys

Inquire of employees about what they think of the business, their positions, and their experiences in general.

Customer service satisfaction surveys

Gain insights from customers on how satisfied they are with the company’s customer service.

Employee burnout surveys

Develop measures to lessen burnout by getting feedback from employees on their current degree of exhaustion.

Employee work-life balance surveys

Seek strategies to improve the work-life balance by getting employee feedback on it.

Employee wellness surveys

Develop strategies to improve workplace health and solicit feedback from workers on their general wellbeing.

Operations efficiency surveys

Asking employees for their opinions on how well the company is run will help you identify areas that need to be improved.

Employee training effectiveness surveys

Get input from the staff regarding the effectiveness of the training they received in order to identify areas for improvement.

Employee diversity and inclusion surveys

Gather information on the business’s diversity and inclusion initiatives to pinpoint areas that need improvement.

Employee recognition and rewards surveys

Get suggestions for improvement by asking staff about their commute and mode of transportation.

Employee commute and transportation surveys

Learn more about how employees feel about their commute and available transportation options, as well as how they may be made better.

Employee remote work satisfaction surveys

By collecting suggestions from staff, determine ways to improve the satisfaction of working remotely.