Why Event Surveys Are Important for Your Business

Event surveys are a useful tool for assessing an event’s success and obtaining participant feedback. These surveys offer insights into the experience of the guests, such as what they liked and what may be improved for subsequent events. By gathering this feedback, businesses can enhance the design and execution of events, boost participation, and estimate the event’s return on investment.


How to Create Event Surveys with MakeForms

Making event surveys that are personalised to your unique business requirements is simple with MakeForms. You may create customized surveys with MakeForms that involve multiple question types, like multiple-choice, open-ended, and rating scales. Additionally, you may use the application to send surveys to particular attendee groups, monitor replies, and perform real-time analysis of the results.

Types of Questions to Ask in Event Surveys

It’s important to include a range of question types in event surveys that speak to different aspects of the event experience. You could include the following types of questions, as examples:

  • Event satisfaction:
    Ask attendees about their overall satisfaction with the event and what they enjoyed the most.
  • Event location and logistics:
    Find out what the attendees thought of the venue, as well as the event’s setup, including parking, registration, and signage.
  • Speaker satisfaction:
    Ask guests how pleased they were with the presenters and the presentation’s content.
  • Networking opportunities:
    Seek insights with attendees to learn how they felt about the event’s networking possibilities and whether they formed any useful contacts.
  • Event value:
    Find out from participants whether they thought the event was worth the money they paid to attend.
  • Event organization:
    Ask guests if they were happy with the way the event was planned and organised.
  • Food and beverages:
    Determine the participants’ opinions of the refreshments and food served at the event.
  • Event marketing:
    Seek clarification from guests on whether they were pleased with the event’s marketing and promotion.
  • Future attendance:
    Ask attendees if they plan to attend future events with similar themes.

There are various types of event surveys, each with a specific purpose:

General event survey

Determine the general level of satisfaction with the event among the guests.

Post-event survey

Get participant feedback while it is still fresh in their minds.

Pre-event survey

Collect feedback and determine interest before an event

On-site survey

Distribute these forms during the event to collect feedback in the present.

Follow-up survey

Following the event, collect long-term feedback and gauge the event’s impact.

Attendee satisfaction survey

Gauge how satisfied guests are with the whole event.

Speaker satisfaction survey

Determine how satisfied the audience is with the presentations’ topics and speakers.

Vendor satisfaction survey

Establish the degree of exhibitors and vendor satisfaction with the event.

Sponsorship satisfaction survey

Evaluate the level of sponsor satisfaction with the event.

Attendee demographics survey

Get details about the guests’ demographics.

Event location and logistics survey

Calculate how satisfied attendees’ were with the venue and the event’s setup.

Networking opportunities survey

Judge how satisfied attendees are with the event’s networking opportunities.

Event value survey

Analyze the perceived value of the event among the attendees.

Event organization survey

Rank the level of participant satisfaction with the planning and management of the event.

Food and beverages survey

Estimate how many attendees found the event’s food and beverages to be satisfactory.

Event marketing survey

Identify the level of satisfaction that attendees had with the event’s marketing and promotion.

Future attendance survey

Determine the likelihood that attendees will attend the same events again in the future.

Event return on investment (ROI) survey

Quantify the participants’ return on investment (ROI).

Event budget survey

Analyze the degree of happiness with the event’s budget among guests.

Event theme survey

Rank the level of satisfaction attendees had with the event’s theme.

Event schedule survey

Determine whether satisfied guests are with the event’s schedule.

Event registration survey

Identify the level of satisfaction with the event registration procedure among participants.

Event technology survey

Collect the number of guests who are satisfied with the event’s technological setup.

Event entertainment survey

Examine the level of enjoyment that participants had at the event.

Event sponsorship survey

Interpret the happiness of participants with the event’s sponsorship.

Event exhibitor survey

Estimate the number of participants who were satisfied with the event’s exhibitors.

Event volunteer survey

Monitor the satisfaction of volunteers with their participation in the event.

Event sustainability survey

Analyze how pleased attendees are with the event’s sustainability.

Event safety survey

Gauge how comfortable guests are with the event’s safety.

Event accessibility survey

Seek insights on how comfortable attendees are with the event’s accessibility.

Event parking survey

Examine if attendees were satisfied with the parking alternatives at the event.

Event signage survey

Find out whether your attendees’ spotted the the event’s signage

Event social media survey

Rank the participants’ satisfaction with the social media coverage of the event.

Event website survey

Learn more about the usability and satisfaction levels of the event website from the visitors.

Event mobile app survey

Measure visitor happiness about the event’s mobile app developed especially for the occasion.

Event customer service survey

Figure out the extent to which participants were pleased with the event’s customer service.

Event merchandise survey

Analyze the degree of satisfaction participants have with the merchandise available.

Event photography survey

Estimate how many attendees were pleased with the event’s photography and videography.

Event keynote survey

Examine the audience reaction to the keynote speakers during the event.

Event breakout session survey

Ask about guests’ satisfaction with the conference’s breakout sessions.

Event hands-on session survey

Report how pleased attendees were with the hands-on activities during the event.

Event workshop survey

Establish the degree of attendees’ satisfaction with the conference’s workshops

Event panel discussion survey

Identify the satisfaction level that attendees had with the panel discussions.

Event roundtable discussion survey

Consider how well the participants responded to the roundtable talks.

Event networking event survey

Find out the degree of satisfaction attendees had with the networking possibilities.

Event exhibit hall survey

During the event, get insights how satisfied attendees are with the exhibit area.

Event trade show survey

Gauge the level of participant satisfaction with the event’s trade show.

Event concert survey

Assess the level of enjoyment that spectators had during the event’s concert or other entertainment.

Event gala survey

Evaluate how satisfied attendees were with the gala or awards portion of the event.