Why Marketing Surveys are Important

A crucial instrument for comprehending consumer behavior and preferences is the marketing survey. These surveys offer useful information on the goods and services that consumers are interested in, their purchasing habits, and how they view a particular brand or business. Marketing surveys can assist companies in designing and implementing more effective marketing strategies that connect with their target audience by gathering information on a wide range of marketing-related subjects.

How to Create Marketing Surveys with MakeForms

Create marketing surveys with the help of MakeForms’ user-friendly platform. Customize surveys with a range of question types, including multiple-choice, open-ended, and rating scales with MakeForms. Additionally, you may use the tool to send surveys to particular demographics, monitor replies, and perform real-time analysis of the findings.

Types of Questions to Ask in Marketing Surveys

It’s important to include a range of question types in marketing surveys that cover various aspects of consumer behavior and preferences. You could include the following types of questions, as examples:

  • Demographics:
    Inquire about the respondents’ age, gender, level of education, and income.
  • Brand awareness:
    Ask participants if they are familiar with the firm or brand and what they think of it.
  • Product awareness:
    Probe into the respondents’ perceptions of the product or service as well as their awareness of it.
  • Purchase intent:
    Ask users if they anticipate using the product or using the service.
  • Satisfaction:
    Request about the respondents’ degree of satisfaction with the good or service.
  • Loyalty:
    Enquire about the respondents’ level of brand or business loyalty.
  • Advertising effectiveness:
    Seek clarification from respondents regarding the success of the brand’s or business’s advertising.
  • Marketing campaign effectiveness:
    Conduct investigations of respondents on the success of the company’s or brand’s marketing campaigns.
  • Product or service features:
    Ask for information from the audience about what qualities they look for most in a good or service.

Types of Marketing Surveys

There are various types of marketing surveys, each with a specific purpose:

Brand awareness survey

Assess the awareness and opinions of a brand or business among consumers.

Product awareness survey

Examine the knowledge and opinions of the consumer about a product or service.

Purchase intent survey

Identify the consumer’s propensity to buy a product or service.

Customer satisfaction survey

Determine how satisfied customers are with a product or service.

Customer loyalty survey

Compute the degree of brand or corporate loyalty among consumers.

Advertising effectiveness survey

Evaluate the success of advertising for a product or business.

Marketing campaign effectiveness survey

Study the success of marketing initiatives for a firm or brand.

Product or service features survey

Study consumer preferences for a product’s or service’s attributes.

Market segmentation survey

Help businesses identify and segment their target market.

Competitive analysis survey

Research consumer preferences and impressions of rival brands and products.

Product development survey

Gather feedback on the development of new products or services.

Market potential survey

Evaluate the marketplace potential for a given good or service.

Brand positioning survey

Interpret how customers view a brand’s position in the marketplace.

Market share survey

Calculate a brand or company’s market share.

Brand health survey

Review a brand or company’s overall health and reputation.

Product launch survey

Gauge consumer interest in and opinions about the introduction of a new product.

Brand equity survey

Calculate the worth of a brand or business.

Brand loyalty survey

Gather insights about consumer loyalty to a brand or company.

Customer profiling survey

Understand your business’s demographics, behaviors and preferences of their customers.

Pricing survey

Get data consumer feedback on pricing for a product or service.

Consumer behaviour survey:

Track consumer behaviour in relation to a product or service.

Product performance survey

Quantify how customers feel about a product or service’s performance.

Brand trust survey

Determine the degree of consumer faith in a product or business.

Brand reputation survey

Classify a company’s or brand’s reputation.

Brand personality survey

Rate how customers perceive a brand or business’s personality.

Brand awareness tracking survey

Keep a track of changes in the consumer awareness of a brand or company over time.

Media effectiveness survey

Evaluate the efficiency of different media channels for promoting a brand or product.

Consumer needs survey

Gather information on the needs and wants of consumers in relation to a product or service.

Post-purchase survey

Collect feedback from customers after they have purchased a product or service.

Online reputation survey

Predict the reputation of a brand or company online.

Social media survey

Monitor the social media participation and opinions of the general public.

Brand story survey

Specify consumer perceptions of a brand’s story or message.

Advertising recall survey

Find out how many commercials for a brand or product consumers can recall.

Product trial survey

During a trial period, track customer feedback on a product or service.

Brand advocacy survey

Discern the extent to which consumers are brand advocates.

Brand ambassadors survey

Quantify the impact brand ambassadors have on the promotion of a company or product.

Brand identity survey

Get input how customers perceive the identity or image of a brand.

Marketing mix survey

Evaluate the effects of each component of a brand’s marketing mix.

Distribution channel survey

Research consumer preferences for a product or service’s distribution methods.

Trade show survey

At trade exhibitions, gauge the level of consumer participation and feedback.

Promotional event survey

At promotional events, survey customer satisfaction and feedback.

Public relations survey

Review the success of a brand’s public relations initiatives.

Influencer marketing survey

Monitor the efficacy of influencer marketing initiatives.

Brand activation survey

Observe the success of brand activation strategies.

Word-of-mouth survey

Calculate the success of word-of-mouth advertising for a company or a product.

Product packaging survey:

Correlate consumer preferences regarding a product’s packaging.

Relationship emotional availability survey

Rate the degree of emotional openness in a relationship.

Brand name survey

Deconstruct how customers view a brand’s name.

Consumer segmentation survey

Identify and segment your target market based on consumer behavior and preferences.

Brand awareness survey in different regions

Measure consumer awareness and perceptions of a brand or company in different regions.

Consumer perception survey

Investigate how customers generally perceive a brand or business.