Why Are Surveys Important for Non-Profits

For non-profit organisations, surveys are crucial for gathering feedback from stakeholders such as donors, volunteers, and sponsors. They offer insight into areas of strength and areas for progress in order to assist decision-makers in improving their services. These survey results also help them to improve the donor experience and gauge the effectiveness of their programmes.

How to Create Non-Profit Surveys with MakeForms

Develop non-profit surveys that are customised to your unique requirements with MakeForms. You can design customized surveys to contain different question types, including multiple-choice, open-ended, and rating scales. You can also use the application to distribute surveys to particular groups, monitor replies, and perform real-time analysis of the findings.

Types of Questions to Ask in Non-Profit Surveys

It’s critical to include a variety of question types that relate to different aspects of the user experience when developing surveys for non-profits. You could include the following types of questions, as examples:

  • Overall satisfaction:
    Learn how satisfied people are overall with your non-profit.
  • Program satisfaction:
    Inquire about the donors’ opinions of particular programmes offered.
  • Volunteer satisfaction:
    Seek clarification with volunteers on whether they enjoyed their time as volunteers.
  • Impact awareness:
    Learn whether volunteers or contributors are aware of the effects of the programmes run by your non-profit.
  • Event satisfaction:
    Ascertain the level of satisfaction that contributors or volunteers have with the activities that your nonprofit has organised.
  • Communication satisfaction:
    Inquire about the quality of your non-profit’s communications with contributors or volunteers.
  • Donor retention:
    Request feedback from contributors on whether they plan to give to your non-profit again.

Types of Non-Profit Surveys

There are various types of non-profit surveys, each with a specific purpose:

General non-profit survey

Take note of how satisfied your supporters are overall with the nonprofit.

Donor satisfaction survey

Aggregate the level of satisfaction your donors have with the nonprofit’s programmes and services.

Volunteer satisfaction survey

Assess the level of satisfaction your volunteers have with their volunteer experience.

Event satisfaction survey

Gauge the happiness of volunteers and contributors with the activities the nonprofit hosts.

Program evaluation survey

Analyze the effectiveness of particular non-profit services and programmes.

Impact awareness survey

Find out the extent to which volunteers and contributors are aware of the effects of the non-profits’ programs.

Communication satisfaction survey

Learn to what extent are donors and volunteers satisfied with the nonprofit’s communication

Donor retention survey

Rank how likely it is that donors will continue to fund the Organization.

Donor demographics survey

Gather input about the ages, genders, incomes, and educational backgrounds of your donations.

Volunteer demographics survey

Collect relevant data on the racial and economic backgrounds of the participants, as well as their age and employment.

Fundraising satisfaction survey

Get data on how satisfied donors are with your nonprofit’s fundraising efforts.

Brand awareness survey

Discover what proportion of contributors and volunteers are aware of the non-brand profit.

Website satisfaction survey

Gauge how funders and volunteers feel about the non-profit’s website.

Social media satisfaction survey

Take into account how satisfied the non-social profit’s media presence makes funders and volunteers.

Marketing satisfaction survey

Investigate how your non-profit’s marketing tactics affect the happiness of its donors and volunteers.

Membership satisfaction survey

Inquire about the membership experience from donors.

Program participation survey

Accumulate data on the level of satisfaction among the participants with the non-programming profit.

Volunteer engagement survey

Get data on the amount of volunteer engagement and participation in the non-profit’s activities.

Donor engagement survey

Find out how contributions are being used and how involved they are in the non-profit’s activities.

Outreach satisfaction survey

Indicate the level of satisfaction among the individuals or groups the non-profit has contacted.

Partnership satisfaction survey

Keep tabs on how content the nonprofit’s partners and collaborators are.

Board member satisfaction survey

Approximate the board members’ satisfaction with the organisation.

Staff satisfaction survey

Measure the employees’ levels of satisfaction at the nonprofit.

Beneficiary satisfaction survey

Review how many individuals or groups who are satisfied with the non-efforts. profit’s

Impact measurement survey

Study how the non-work profits will affect the community or the target audience.

Financial satisfaction survey

Find out how satisfied contributors are with the nonprofit’s financial transparency and management.

Governance satisfaction survey

Get feedback on how pleased contributors are with the nonprofit’s leadership and administration.

Transparency satisfaction survey

Establish the degree of donors’ satisfaction transparency and accountability of the nonprofit.

Mission alignment survey

Consider how the goals and values of the organisation mesh with those of the contributors and volunteers.

Community satisfaction survey

Easily determine how satisfied the community is with the non-initiative profits or offerings.

Media coverage survey

Measure donors’ and volunteers’ perceptions of the non-profit’s media coverage.

Referral satisfaction survey

Measure donors’ and volunteers’ satisfaction with the referral process to the non-profit.

Fundraising campaign survey

Measure donors’ satisfaction with specific fundraising campaigns.

Grant application survey

Measure the satisfaction of grant applicants with the non-profit’s grant application process.

Sponsorship satisfaction survey

Measure the satisfaction of sponsors with their sponsorship experience.

Cause awareness survey

Measure donors’ and volunteers’ awareness of the cause or issue that the non-profit supports.

Networking satisfaction survey

Gauge the level of satisfaction among the people or organisations the nonprofit has ties to.

Collaboration satisfaction survey

Gather details about the level of satisfaction with the non-collaborative profit’s activities among partners or collaborators.

Volunteer retention survey

Quantify the possibility of your volunteers sticking with the non-profit.

Volunteer recruitment survey:

Classify the success of the nonprofit’s efforts to recruit volunteers.

Volunteer training survey

Rank the volunteers’ level of satisfaction with their training.

Volunteer management survey

Asses the level of satisfaction that volunteers have with the nonprofit’s volunteer management activities.

Volunteer recognition survey

Identify how satisfied volunteers are with the nonprofit’s attempts to recognise them.

Volunteer retention rate survey

Interpret the frequency of new volunteers joining the nonprofit.

Volunteer acquisition cost survey

Gather insights into the price of recruiting new volunteers.

Volunteer referral survey:

Estimate the possibility that volunteers will recommend other people to the nonprofit for volunteer work.

Impact report survey

Use the non-impact profit’s reports to gauge the happiness of contributors and volunteers.

Annual report survey

Use the non-annual profit’s report to gauge the happiness of contributors and volunteers.

Impact measurement survey

Compute the non-programs profit’s or services’ effects on the neighbourhood or its intended audience.