Why Relationship Surveys are Important

Relationship surveys provide useful data on how individuals interact and communicate with one another as well as what areas of relationships are strong and need to be improved. 
By obtaining data on range of relationship- related topics, relationship surveys can help individuals and organisations develop and work towards more effective plans for building and maintaining healthy relationships with their clients, customers, and employees.

How to Create Relationship Surveys with MakeForms

MakeForms makes it simple to create relationship surveys. Using MakeForms, you can design customized surveys with variety of question types, such as multiple choice, open-ended, and rating scales.  You can use the tool to send surveys to particular demographic groups, track responses, and analyse the results in real time.

Types of Questions to Ask in Relationship Surveys

It’s crucial to provide range of question types in relationship surveys that cover various relationship-related topics. You could include the following types of questions, as examples:
  • Demographics:
    Inquire about the respondents’ age, gender, level of education, and marital status.
  • Communication:
    Question the responders about their relationship’s communication efficiency.
  • Trust:
    Request insights on responders’ level of relationship trust.
  • Conflict resolution:
    Seek answers from respondents on the relationship’s success in resolving disputes.
  • Shared values:
    Query responders on whether their values match up in the connection.
  • Shared goals:
    Gather insights on whether the relationship’s aims are compatible.
  • Satisfaction:
    Ask about the respondents’ general level of satisfaction with the partnership.
  • Support:
    Discuss with your responders how much the partnership is supported.

Types of Relationship Surveys

There are various types of relationship surveys, each with a specific purpose:

Romantic relationship survey

Analyze the dynamics and status of romantic relationships.

Family relationship survey

Study the dynamics and status of the relationships in your household.

Friendship survey

Gauge the strength and dynamics of friendships.

Professional relationship survey

Gather data on the dynamics and wellbeing of relationships in the workplace.

Couples therapy survey

Studies evaluating the success of couples counselling.

Marriage satisfaction survey

Dig deeper into a married couple’s happiness and satisfaction.

Parent-child relationship survey

Specify the strength and dynamics of parent-child relationships.

Sibling relationship survey

Gauge the intensity and internal dynamics of sibling relationships.

Relationship communication survey

Evaluate a relationship’s communication efficiency.

Relationship trust survey

Judge the trustworthiness of a relationship.

Relationship conflict resolution survey

Score a relationship’s ability to resolve disputes amicably.

Relationship values survey

Assess how aligned the values are in a partnership.

Relationship goals survey

Measure how well a couple’s aims are in sync.

Relationship support survey

Get feedback on the level of support in a relationship.

Relationship satisfaction survey

Estimate a relationship’s overall contentment.

Relationship intimacy survey

Assess a relationship’s level of closeness and intimacy.

Relationship affection survey

Measure the level of affection in a relationship.

Relationship commitment survey

Quantify the level of commitment in a relationship.

Relationship loyalty survey

Estimate the level of loyalty in a relationship.

Relationship honesty survey

Learn about the levels of honesty in a relationship.

Relationship compromise survey

Gather insights on the willingness to compromise in a relationship.

Relationship forgiveness survey

Dig deeper to measure the level of forgiveness in a relationship.

Relationship patience survey

Learn about a partner’s level of patience.

Relationship understanding survey

Get to know more about a relationship’s level of understanding.

Relationship empathy survey

Assess a relationship’s levels of empathy.

Relationship gratitude survey

Quantify a relationship’s degree of gratitude.

Relationship appreciation survey

Discover the level of appreciativeness in a relationship.

Relationship respect survey

Compute the level of respect a relationship’s has.

Relationship trustworthiness survey

Get to know about a relationship’s level of trustworthiness.

Relationship kindness survey

Interpret and assess how kind a relationship is.

Relationship fairness survey

Gather insights on how equitable a partnership is.

Relationship generosity survey

Examine how generous a partnership is.

Relationship reliability survey

Gauge a relationship’s degree of dependability.

Relationship trust-building survey

Evaluate how well relationships are built on trust.

Relationship vulnerability survey

Determine how vulnerable a connection is.

Relationship emotional safety survey

Survey the level of emotional safety in a relationship.

Relationship emotional intelligence survey

Estimate how emotionally intelligent a relationship is.

Relationship emotional connection survey

Learn more about the relationship’s level of emotional intimacy.

Relationship emotional support survey

Estimate a relationship’s amount of emotional support.

Relationship emotional intimacy survey

Gather insights into a relationship’s level of emotional closeness.

Relationship emotional vulnerability survey

Appraise the relationship’s degree of emotional openness.

Relationship emotional openness survey

Identify how emotionally transparent a relationship is.

Relationship emotional expression survey

Quantify the emotional intensity of a relationship.

Relationship emotional responsiveness survey

Examine a relationship’s emotional responsiveness degree.

Relationship emotional validation survey

Calculate the emotional affirmation a partnership provides.

Relationship emotional understanding survey

Establish the degree of emotional understanding in a relationship.

Relationship emotional availability survey

Evaluation of the emotional openness of a partnership.

Relationship emotional compatibility survey

Determine the degree of emotional compatibility in a relationship.