Why Satisfaction Surveys are Important

With the use of satisfaction surveys, businesses can make wise decisions and enhance their offerings to customers in terms of products, services, and overall satisfaction. They also aid in enhancing the client experience, raising customer contentment, and assessing the efficiency of their products and services.

How to Create Satisfaction Surveys with MakeForms

Using MakeForms, you can design satisfaction surveys that are personalised to your specific requirements. Multiple-choice, open-ended, and rating scale questions can all be readily included to customized surveys. You can also distribute surveys to specified service users, monitor their responses, and perform real-time results analysis.

Types of Questions to Ask in Satisfaction Surveys

When creating satisfaction surveys, it’s important to include a variety of question types that address different aspects. Some examples of the types of questions you might include are:
  • Overall satisfaction: Add inquiries regarding general client satisfaction with your products or services.
  • Product/service satisfaction: Add questions concerning the degree of client satisfaction with particular features of the product or service.
  • Price satisfaction: Ask whether clients are satisfied with the cost of your products or services.
  • Quality satisfaction: Gain feedback on the calibre of your products or services and customer satisfaction.
  • Delivery satisfaction: Collect comments regarding customer satisfaction with product delivery or shipping.
  • Customer service satisfaction: Include questions about customers’ satisfaction with the customer service they have received.
  • Recommendation likelihood: Seek insights regarding their willingness to educate others about your goods or services.

Types of Satisfaction Surveys

There are various types of satisfaction surveys, each with a specific purpose:

General satisfaction survey

Find out in detail how happy your customers are with your products and services as a whole.

Product/service satisfaction survey

Based on the particular products or services, ascertain your consumers’ level of satisfaction.

Price satisfaction survey

Calculate your consumers’ level of satisfaction using the costs of your products or services.

Quality satisfaction survey

Find out how satisfied your are customers with the quality of your products.

Delivery satisfaction survey

Analyze the level of customer satisfaction with product shipping or delivery.

Customer service satisfaction survey

Find out how satisfied your customers are with the assistance they have received.

Recommendation likelihood survey

Keep track of how likely it is that your consumers will refer your products or services to others.

Net Promoter Score (NPS) survey

Determine how loyal and likely your consumers are to suggest your goods or services.

Customer demographics survey

Get information about the social, racial, and educational backgrounds of your customers.

Purchase satisfaction survey

Measure how satisfied customers are with the ease of ordering, the payment process, and the entire checkout experience.

Brand loyalty survey

Investigate your customers’ brand loyalty and likelihood of making further purchases in the future.

Website satisfaction survey

Find out how satisfied your visitors are with your website’s usability, aesthetics, and overall user experience.

Mobile app satisfaction survey

Find out how satisfied your users are with your app’s functionality, usability, and overall user experience on mobile devices.

Social media satisfaction survey

Use your social media presence to measure customer satisfaction while taking interaction and responsiveness into account.

Product return survey

Make an assessment of the satisfaction levels of your clients with the refund and return procedures, including how easy they are to use.

Complaint resolution survey

Make it easier to gauge how well your complaint management processes are working with customers.

Onboarding survey

Determine how satisfied your clients are with the onboarding process, evaluate how effective the information and support provided is.

Renewal survey

Calculate the likelihood that your customers will renew their membership or subscription, as well as their level of satisfaction with the renewal procedure.

Upselling survey

Determine whether or not your customers are likely to purchase additional goods or services based on their satisfaction with the upselling process.

Referral survey

Assess the degree to which your clients are happy with the referral procedure and how likely they are to recommend your company to others.

Feedback and suggestions survey

Request feedback and suggestions for improvement from your consumers.

Post-event survey

Gain insights on how satisfied your guests were with a particular event or experience, such as a conference, workshop, or trade show.

Warranty survey

Assess the satisfaction of your consumers with the warranty process and their understanding of its details.

Post-purchase survey

When your consumers have received and used the product or service, these questionnaires assist to assess how happy they are with their purchase.

Follow-up survey

Learn how happy customers are with the follow-up procedure after making a purchase or using a service.

Exit survey

Let consumers rate their satisfaction with the company and the causes of their departure.

Re-engagement survey

Determine the success of re-engagement initiatives and the likelihood that customers will patronise the company again.

Customer satisfaction index (CSAT) survey

Estimate how satisfied consumers are with a particular aspect of the business, like the effectiveness of the products or the level of service.

Customer loyalty survey

Assess client loyalty and likelihood of sticking around.

Customer satisfaction survey

Review the general level of client satisfaction with the company and its offerings.

Customer retention survey

Quantify consumers’ inclination to keep doing business with your company.

Customer acquisition cost survey

Calculate the expense of gaining new clients.

Customer referral survey

Assess the possibility that customers will recommend the company to others.

Customer needs survey

Analyze the needs and preferences of the market for products or services.

Customer satisfaction score (CSS) survey

Determine how satisfied customers are with a certain good or service.

Customer satisfaction metric (CSM) survey

Use a variety of measures to gauge how satisfied consumers are with various parts of the company.

Customer experience survey

Get opinions from customers about a company generally, taking into account their encounters with staff and the surroundings.

Customer service experience survey

Learn how satisfied consumers are with their interactions with customer service, taking into account timeliness and the efficiency of the assistance given.

Customer retention rate survey

Estimate the amount of customers who conduct business with the company again.

Customer feedback survey

Get client feedback regarding their experiences, contentment, and any suggestions for improvement.

Customer loyalty index (CLI) survey

Use a set of metrics to measure the company’s customers’ level of loyalty.

Customer engagement survey

Examine how involved and engaged customers are with the company and its initiatives.

Customer retention strategy survey

Evaluate the success of the company’s plan for customer retention.

Customer satisfaction guarantee survey

Use the company’s satisfaction guarantee to evaluate customer satisfaction.

Customer complaint survey

Collect customer feedback regarding their grievances with the company.

Repeat customer survey

Find out how many satisfied customers are loyal to your brand and return business.

Customer lifetime value survey

Evaluate a customer’s lifetime value to the firm.

Customer satisfaction survey with NPS

Monitor customers’ satisfaction and likelihood to recommend the business using Net Promoter Score.

Customer satisfaction survey with CSAT and NPS

Estimate customers’ satisfaction with a specific aspect of the business using CSAT and monitor their likelihood to recommend using NPS.

Customer satisfaction survey with CSS and CSM

Assess customers’ satisfaction with a specific product or service using CSS and CSM.