Why School Surveys are Important

School surveys provide a useful insight into the strengths and areas for improvement, helping schools and educational institutions to make informed decisions and improve their programs, services, and overall student experience. Gathering feedback via surveys also helps schools to create a more positive learning environment, improve student engagement and satisfaction, and measure the effectiveness of their curriculum and services towards all stakeholders.

How to Create School Surveys with MakeForms

You can create school surveys that are tailored to your specific needs with MakeForms. Create custom surveys to include question types, such as multiple choice, open-ended, and rating scales. MakeForms allows you to distribute surveys to specific groups of students, teachers, parents, and staff, track responses, and analyze the results in real-time.

Types of Questions to Ask in School Surveys

When creating school surveys, it’s important to include a variety of question types that address different aspects of the school experience. Some examples of the types of questions you might include are:

  • Overall satisfaction:
    Ask your students and teachers how satisfied they are with the school overall.
  • Curriculum satisfaction: Include questions about the satisfaction of the students and teachers with the curriculum and academic programs offered.
  • Teacher effectiveness:
    Ask students about their satisfaction with their teacher’s effectiveness and teaching style.
  • Safety and well-being:
    Add questions about the students’ and teachers’ perception of safety and well-being in the school.
  • Facilities and resources:
    Inquire about students and teachers satisfaction with the school’s facilities and resources.
  • Student engagement:
  • Include questions about students’ engagement level and involvement in the school’s activities.
  • Parent satisfaction:
    Add questions to parents about their satisfaction with the school and communication with the school.
  • Recommendation likelihood:
    Inquire how likely parents, students, and teachers are to recommend the school to others.

Types of School Surveys

There are various types of school surveys, each with a specific purpose:

General school satisfaction survey

Get a broader picture of how satisfied the students, teachers, and other stakeholders are with the overall school.

Curriculum satisfaction survey

Assess how satisfied are the teachers and students with the curriculum and academic programs offered by the school.

Teacher effectiveness survey

Measure students’ feedback for their teacher’s effectiveness and teaching style to help improve their student experience.

Safety and well-being survey

Understand how safe students and teachers feel in the school.

Facilities and resources satisfaction survey

Assess how satisfied students and teachers are about the school’s facilities and resources.

Student engagement survey

Track students’ engagement and participation in the school activities.

Parent satisfaction survey

Find out parents’ feedback on how satisfied they are with the school’s communication.

Recommendation likelihood survey

Get an insight into the likelihood of your school being recommended by a student, teacher or a parent.

Student demographics survey

Collect students’ demographic information like age, gender, and ethnicity.

Teacher satisfaction survey

Analyze teachers’ job satisfaction levels with the school and with management.

Parent involvement survey

Assess how well the parents are involved and engaged in their child’s education.

Student-teacher relationship survey

Measure students’ feedback on their relationship with their teacher and how satisfied they are with the support provided.

Mobile app satisfaction survey

Seek customer satisfaction levels with your mobile app such as functionality, usability and overall user experience.

Bullying and harassment survey

Determine the effectiveness of school policies to address bullying and harassment in the school.

School culture and climate survey

Analyse how students and teachers feel about the school culture and climate by assessing the level of respect, trust and inclusiveness.

Extracurricular satisfaction survey

Track students’ satisfaction levels with the extracurricular activities offered by the school.

Technology in the classroom survey

Measure students’ and teachers’ satisfaction levels with the technology and resources provided for learning.

College readiness survey

Get an understanding of the effectiveness in college training provided by the school to its students.

Graduation readiness survey

Determine how effectively your school prepped the students for graduation by asking the students their feedback.

Parent-teacher communication survey

Assess how satisfied the parents are with the communication and involvement with their child’s teachers.

Student-administration communication survey

Survey how satisfied are students with the communication and involvement with the school administration.

Feedback and suggestions survey

Gather feedback for improvement from students, teachers, and other stakeholders.

Post-event survey

Collect experiences from teachers and students about a specific event or experience, such as a field trip or school assembly.

Safety drill survey

Survey the effectiveness of the school’s safety drills and emergency procedures by asking feedback from students and faculty.

Alumni survey

Collect alumni insights regarding their education and experiences at the school, and their accomplishments after graduation.

Community satisfaction survey

Analyze community’s satisfaction with the school and its programs and services.

Student satisfaction with online learning survey

Dig into how satisfied the students are with online learning during the pandemic or any other remote learning situations.

Teacher satisfaction with online teaching survey

Collect information on teachers’ satisfaction levels with online teaching during the pandemic or any other remote learning situations.

Student satisfaction with hybrid learning survey

Measure how satisfied students are with the hybrid learning set-up during the pandemic or any other remote learning situations.

Parent satisfaction with remote learning survey

Quantify how satisfied the parents are with the remote learning during the pandemic or any other remote learning situations.

Curriculum alignment survey

Assess and analyse how aligned the school curriculum is with the state and national standards.

Professional development satisfaction survey

Measure how satisfied the teachers are with the professional development opportunities provided by the school.

Classroom management survey

Track how effective the teachers are in managing their classrooms and maintaining discipline.

Classroom resources survey

Monitor how satisfied the students and teachers are with the with the resources provided for learning.

Student-centered learning survey

Measure and analyse how satisfied your students are with the the level of student-centered learning in the classroom.

Student-led learning survey

Find out the satisfaction levels of students with the level of student-led learning in the classroom.

Student motivation survey

Get to the bottom of the students’ level of motivation and engagement in learning at your school.

Student self-efficacy survey

Determine the students’ ability to succeed in school based on the feedback given by them.

Student-teacher feedback survey

Find out how satisfied are the students with the feedback provided by their teachers.

Parent involvement survey

Measure parents’ involvement and engagement in their child’s education and school activities.

Student-staff relationship survey

Analyse students’ relationships with the non-teaching staff and the level of communication provided.

Teacher-staff relationship survey

Assess the teachers’ relationship with the non-teaching staff and the level of communication provided.

Student achievement survey

Compile student achievements across academics and sports to analyze the success rate of the student.

Student-parent communication survey

Measure student-parents communication levels by collecting insights from both parties.

Student-peer relationship survey

Collect students’ feedback on their relationship with their peers and the level of support provided.

Student-counselor relationship survey

Understand the school counselors and their interaction with the students and the support provided through feedback.

Student-nurse relationship survey

Track the relationship between school nurses and the students and the level of care provided.

Student-psychologist relationship survey

Survey students’ relationship with the school psychologist and the level of guidance provided.

Student-social worker relationship survey

Collect insights on students’ relationship with the school social workers and the service provided.

Student-resource officer relationship survey

Assess students’ feedback on their relationship with the school resource officers and the support provided.