You can quickly and easily build quizzes that are enjoyable for your audience to take using MakeForms Quiz Creator. MakeForms Quiz Creator provides a wide range of customization choices to make your quizzes stand out, from selecting your own questions and answers to include photos and videos.

Why should you make a Quiz ?

Quizzes are a fantastic tool for engrossing your audience and encouraging them to learn new material. Quizzes are a flexible and effective approach to accomplish your objectives, whether you want to inform and amuse your clients, educate and amuse your staff, or just have fun with friends and family. Here are a few explanations as to why you might want to create a quiz for your brand:

  • Quizzes are interactive and interesting: Quizzes, as opposed to more conventional content types like articles or videos, let your audience take an active role in the education process. This can improve their enjoyment of the encounter and aid in greater information retention.
  • You can alter quizzes to suit your needs: You may design quizzes with MakeForms Quiz Builder that are suited to your target audience and objectives. MakeForms Quiz Maker can be used for a variety of purposes, like testing your staff’ understanding of corporate policies or simply entertaining your clients with a lighthearted trivia game.
  • There are several motives to use quizzes: Quizzes can be used for a variety of purposes, including as market research, lead generation, staff training, and education and amusement. You can gain a better understanding of your audience and make wise business decisions by using a quiz to collect information and comments.
  • It is simple to share and distribute quizzes: Your audience will find it simple to access and complete your quizzes if you post them on social media, via email, or on your website using MakeForms Quiz Creator.
  • Employ quizzes as a marketing strategy: By creating questions that are engaging and pertinent to your target audience, you may increase brand recognition and drive traffic to your website or social media accounts.

And finally, using quizzes to engage your audience and achieve a variety of goals is fun and effective. Whether you want to teach, amuse, or collect data, MakeForms Quiz Maker makes it simple to construct and customize quizzes that are appropriate for your goals.

Not Sure Where to Start with Quiz Creation? Here’s a Guide to Getting Started

You could be unsure of where to begin with quiz creation if you’re an entrepreneur hoping to boost brand recognition or better onboard new employees, or a teacher or trainer hoping to spark your students’ interest. The first stage in creating a quiz is to consider on your objectives. Why do you want a quiz to be created? With a thorough knowledge of your objectives, consider your audience and the tasks you hope the quiz will allow them to complete. How does this fit with your overarching objectives? Here are a few illustrations to help you become creative and begin the process of making powerful tests.

1. Improve Memory Retention with a Multiple Choice Quiz Maker 

Did you know that you will learn and retain more information if you test it frequently? This is known as the testing effect. A multiple choice quiz creator can be an effective tool for increasing memory retention, whether you’re trying to onboard new employees and make sure they remember your values and important policies or you want customers to remember how to use key elements of your product. Similar to this, if you teach online, taking a quiz can aid in students remembering what they have learned. Use a quiz maker to ensure that your audience remembers important details instead of leaving it up to chance.

2. Make Learning More Engaging with a Quiz Builder

There is no reason why tests and quizzes have to be boring and uninteresting! An excellent tool for developing engaging and interactive learning opportunities for pupils is a quiz builder. By enabling you to use images and GIFs, a quiz builder can help you spice up your in-class activities whether you’re teaching online or in a traditional classroom. This can reduce the stress associated with testing and make it more fun for your students.

3. Use Quizzes to Generate Leads and Grow Your Brand

Making online tests on subjects relating to your brand can be a wonderful approach to raise awareness of it and produce leads. You may establish yourself as a subject matter expert in your industry by developing quizzes that are entertaining and educational. People will discover more about themselves and your company as they take your quizzes, which can help establish trust and raise your profile. Use a lead generation form in addition to your quizzes if you want to be more direct in your lead generation efforts.

4. Use Quizzes to Strengthen Your Organizational Culture

If your business has experienced rapid expansion, maintaining a strong corporate culture may be difficult. Teamwork and communication may be hampered by new recruits who haven’t fully embraced the company’s principles and cultural norms. Use quizzes to reinforce common values, introduce new employees to their coworkers, and teach them about the company’s history as a way to fight this. These strategies can be used to enhance your company’s culture while administering personality tests, trivia challenges, or any other kind of quiz. To enhance the hiring process and discover more about your team, you can also use job application forms and employee satisfaction questionnaires.

5. Easily Determine the Best Class Level for Your Students with a Placement Quiz

As a teacher or trainer, it’s imperative to place your students in lessons that are appropriately challenging. A placement test can be used to identify which class level is best for your children. By testing for specific skills and knowledge, you can quickly and easily establish the class level that will work best for each student. By making sure that their challenges are appropriate, this can increase your kids’ learning success and enjoyment. A placement test can be a great way to introduce new students to your teaching style and boost their comfort and familiarity in the classroom. Simplify the placement process with a personalized questionnaire.

MakeForms Ready-to-Go Quiz Templates

Are you looking for ideas for your next scored quiz? Check out these ready-to-go templates from our online quiz maker:



Geography Quiz

Using this template, you can quiz the general knowledge of your audience while maintaining a conversational tone.

Geography Quiz Templates

Vocabulary Quiz

For English teachers who wish to make learning more enjoyable, this template is ideal.

Vocabulary Quiz Templates

Trivia Quiz

This quiz template allows you to create your own trivia game and may be customized with GIFs and unique questions.

Trivia Quiz Templates

Science Quiz

Images, icons, and personalized messaging are used in this quiz to enhance learning and increase effectiveness.

Science Quiz Templates

English Placement Test

Although enjoyable and interesting, editing this placement test can take a little longer.

English Placement Test Templates

Math Quiz

This math quiz template will make studying math as simple as Pi.

Math Quiz Templates

No matter what subject you’re teaching, our online quiz maker has a template to suit your needs. Get started today and take the first step towards creating engaging and effective quizzes for your audience.

If you want to create your own quiz but don’t have any coding skills, you’ll need to use an online quiz maker. MakeForms offers a user-friendly platform that allows you to create beautiful, mobile-friendly quizzes with ease. If you’re looking to create a test instead, be sure to check out our test maker. Here are some tips to help you create a successful and engaging quiz using MakeForms:


Personalise your quiz

Use MakeForms’ @field also known as piping or prefill using url parameters feature to address quiz takers by name and make them feel welcome. By treating them like friends, you can increase their engagement with your content.


Keep it conversational

Avoid long, tedious exams by asking just one question at a time. This helps quiz takers relax, focus, and finish the quiz.


Provide feedback along the way

Use MakeForms’ Conditional fields to offer guidance to quiz takers based on their answers. This can help improve their experience and keep them engaged.


Make it an enjoyable experience

Break up the monotony of traditional quizzes by adding images, GIFs, and videos. Mix up the question types to keep things interesting and engaging.


Automate scoring to save time

If you’re a teacher, use MakeForms’ Calculator to set up your own scoring system and save hours of correction and scoring. You can also link to MakeForms’ general report at the end of your quiz to show quiz takers how they compare to their peers. (coming soon)


Show quiz takers their results and leave a lasting impression

After taking the quiz, show quiz takers their results with personalized messages based on their responses. This can create a memorable experience that may encourage them to share the quiz with their network. (comming soon)


Make the quiz accessible on any device

Ensure that the quiz looks great and is easy to use on all devices, including desktops, tablets, and mobile phones.


Embed the quiz on your website or blog

For an interactive experience, consider embedding the quiz on your website or blog. You can choose from various visual styles and customize the embed code to fit your site’s needs.


Track the quiz's performance with Google Analytics

To get a better understanding of how the quiz is performing with different demographics, track visitor behavior and demographics with Google Analytics. Simply paste your web tracking code at source level


Nurture leads and customers with a thank you note

After putting in the effort to create an online quiz, go the extra mile and send quiz takers a thank you note along with their quiz results. Nurturing new leads can help with conversion, and nurturing current customers can lead to retention.