MakeForms Enterprise is designed to cater to the unique needs of large-scale organizations that require a more robust and customizable online form solution. In our Enterprise package, we offer a range of advanced features and tools, such as Single Sign-On (SSO) authentication, dedicated hosting, Access Control Lists (ACL), White Labeling, Local Data Residency, Audit Trail, Compliance, Custom Domain, and Service Level Agreement (SLA).

In addition, MakeForms Enterprise offers enhanced security measures, including advanced encryption, secure storage, and access control lists. We also provide local data residency options, ensuring that your organization’s sensitive data is kept safe and in compliance with regional regulations.


Dedicated Hosting

Makeforms Enterprise offers dedicated infrastructure hosting for the entire application, providing an added level of security, control, performance, scalability, and compliance for your enterprise. This feature ensures that data is stored on a dedicated infrastructure rather than shared, and is especially beneficial for businesses that handle sensitive and confidential information.


For enterprise clients, Makeforms Enterprise offers SSO integration enabling users to log into numerous apps and systems with just one set of login information, streamlining the login process and boosting data security. Based on IODC standards, we enable users to log in using their current corporate credentials. Enterprise clients who want to centralize user access management and guarantee that only authorized users can access systems will greatly benefit from this feature.



Local Data Residency

With the help of Makeforms’ local data residency capability, businesses may decide where to host their application and data. By ensuring adherence to regional data privacy laws and regulations, this function gives you more control and security over your data. You can rely on Makeforms to give you the tools and freedom to store your data where it best suits your needs and regulatory standards.

White Labeling

With the help of Makeforms Enterprise’s white labelling feature, business clients can host their forms on their own domain and swap out the MakeForms logo for a custom one. This functionality increases the user experience and boosts the application’s perception by letting clients offer the application to their users as their own. The functionality and features of the programme can be customised to match certain corporate demands, which also builds trust and credibility with users.



Compliance & Security

In addition to default encryption and routine backups for optimal data protection, Makeforms offers enterprise clients compliance with industry standards including SOC 2, HIPAA, ISO 27001, EU GDPR, UK GDPR, PIPEDA, and Australian DPA.

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Audit Trail

MakeForms provides its business clients with the Audit Logs function, which keeps a thorough record of all actions taken within the MakeForms programme. This feature allows you to keep track of form submissions, create accounts, create forms, export and import data, and modify forms and account settings. This aids in compliance reporting and improves visibility and control over data and usage.



Custom Domain

You can host their forms on your own domain with the aid of MakeForms, maintaining brand coherence and enhancing security. Use MakeForms to effectively incorporate forms onto your website while retaining privacy controls.

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Access Control List [ ACL ]

The ACL feature in Makeforms Enterprise enables enterprise clients to restrict access to different forms or folders by configuring permissions for multiple users and groups. Administrators can allocate privileges for particular features and functions using the program’s fine-grained access control functionality. The role-based access control (RBAC) feature of the ACL feature makes it simple to manage access for a large number of users and assures uniform access permissions throughout the organisation. By guaranteeing that only authorised users have access to the necessary information and functionality, the ACL feature increases the security of the enterprise’s data.

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Service Level Agreements

Customers of MakeForms can design their Service Level Agreements (SLAs) to meet their individual requirements by employing features like guaranteed uptime, rapid response times, and support levels. Customers can use multiple forms to apply even various SLA options. For your organization’s needs, MakeForms will always offer the greatest service-level options.