Encryption is a method of encoding information to protect it from unauthorized access. It is the process of converting plain text or data into a code or cipher text that can only be read or understood by someone who has the key to decode it. Encryption is an essential tool for protecting sensitive information from cybercriminals and other malicious actors who may attempt to steal or intercept it.

Encryption for Data in Transit

Encryption for data in transit is commonly achieved through the use of SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) protocol. SSL provides a secure channel between two devices by encrypting the data that is transmitted between them. When SSL is enabled, any data that is transmitted between a user’s device and a server is encrypted, making it much more difficult for an attacker to intercept and read the data. This is why many websites and web applications use SSL to secure their users’ data. By default, MakeForms uses SSL encryption to ensure that all user data is transmitted securely.

Encryption At Rest

Similarly, when data is at rest, meaning it is stored on servers or devices, it is also vulnerable to attack. Without encryption, hackers could potentially gain access to the data and steal or misuse it. By encrypting data at rest, even if it is stolen, it would still be unreadable and unusable without the encryption key.

Why use Encryption for your Form Data

Encryption is useful in several ways, including:

  • Protecting Sensitive Information: Encryption provides an additional layer of security for sensitive information, such as personal or financial data, trade secrets, or confidential business information.
  • Compliance with Regulations: Many industries have regulations that require the use of encryption to protect data, such as the healthcare industry’s HIPAA regulations.
  • Building Trust: Encryption can help build trust with customers and stakeholders by demonstrating a commitment to protecting their data.

Does MakeForms Encrypt my Form Data ?

MakeForms takes the security and privacy of its users’ data seriously. That’s why encryption is enabled by default for all MakeForms users. This means that from the moment data is submitted to MakeForms, it is encrypted during transit and at rest. MakeForms uses industry-standard encryption protocols to ensure that user data is protected from unauthorized access.