MakeForms affiliate program: Earnings breakdown by plan

As illustrated in the table below, you can earn 30% recurring commission on every subscription you refer, regardless of the plan the customer chooses. The calculations are based on 100 customer sign-ups through your affiliate links.  For instance, for each customer that takes up the Essentials plan through your referral, you will receive $8.7 each month. For each customer you refer to the Pro plan, you will receive $20.7 each month, and for each customer you refer to the Agency plan, you will receive $44.7 each month!

Plan Name Every month customers pay Every month you earn
Essentials $2900 $870
Pro $6900 $2070
Agency $14900 $4470

Welcome to the world of MakeForms, a powerful online form design tool that makes it simple to develop forms that are both useful and professional. MakeForms is the ideal tool for developing forms that can assist you in gathering information, generating leads, and streamlining your workflow, whether you’re a business owner, marketer, or developer.

But that’s not all; in addition, MakeForms has a fantastic affiliate scheme that lets creators and SAAS experts make money by recommending others to the platform. You can make 30% of every recurring subscription through our affiliate programme for up to 15 months after the subscription begins.

Joining our affiliate network is a terrific way to promote a tool you believe in and get a regular income at the same time. Also, you can evaluate your prospective profits and discover how much money you can make by using our user-friendly calculator.

Simply sign up and start marketing MakeForms to your audience if you’re interested in becoming a member of our affiliate network. There are various methods to advertise MakeForms and make money while doing so, whether you’re a blogger, vlogger, or social media influencer.

We suggest determining who your target market is and developing a solid referral strategy in order to maximise your success as a MakeForms affiliate. Knowing your target will help you produce better campaigns and earn more money, whether you’re concentrating on small businesses, marketers, or developers.

How to sign up for MakeForms Affiliate Program ?

MakeForms has a straightforward three-step process for becoming an affiliate:

  • Visit the MakeForms website to register for the programme and submit an application there. You’ll be able to create your individual affiliate links once you’ve been accepted.
  • Launch a campaign on your website, through social media, by email, or through other methods to share your affiliate links with your audience.
  • You will begin receiving a 30% recurring commission on each subscription that is purchased using your referral link once someone signs up.

Just that easy! These three actions will enable you to start working for pay while promoting a product you firmly believe in.

This information might also be used to create a short article on how to sign up as an affiliate for MakeForms, as well as to include in emails or website pages devoted to the affiliate programme.

MakeForms Affiliate Program FAQs?

How do I sign up for the affiliate program?

To submit an application to join the affiliate programme, click here. You can create your individual affiliate links after being accepted.

How do I promote MakeForms as an affiliate?

As an affiliate, you can advertise MakeForms in a variety of ways, including by posting your affiliate links on your website, in social media posts, emails, and other places. You can also produce blog posts, movies, or other types of content that highlight MakeForms’ advantages.

How much can I earn as a MakeForms affiliate?

Every subscription that is purchased using your referral link will earn you a 30% recurring commission. The commission is valid for fifteen months in total.

When will I be paid for my referrals?

For the referrals you made in the previous month, you will receive payment each month.

Are there any requirements to join the MakeForms affiliate program?

Although there are no prerequisites for joining the MakeForms affiliate network, you should be able to market the platform to potential customers.

Are there any limits on the number of referrals I can make?

The earning potential is limitless because there is no restriction on how many referrals you can generate.

Can I use my own affiliate link to purchase a subscription for myself?

No, you are not permitted to utilise your own affiliate link to buy a subscription for any affiliate you may have, including yourself.

What is the limitation of the MakeForms affiliate program?

The affiliate payment is valid for 15 months following the start of the subscriber’s subscription of the recommended client.

Does it cost anything to sign up for the MakeForms affiliate program?

No, it’s free to sign up for the MakeForms affiliate programme.

Do I need to be a MakeForms customer to become an affiliate?

No, becoming an affiliate does not need you to be a MakeForms customer. Anyone who wants to promote MakeForms can do so by joining the affiliate programme.

How do affiliates receive their payments?

All payments made to affiliates are managed by Partnerstack. Affiliates must register for Partnerstack, connect their payment method using Stripe or PayPal, then wait for their profits to be processed.

What happens if a referred customer asks for a refund?

Any subscription-related income earned if a recommended consumer seeks a refund within the first 15 months of their membership will be subtracted from the affiliate’s compensation. We urge our affiliates to carefully market MakeForms and only send prospective customers its way.