Compute and present complex data into readable formats

Basic calculations as well as keeping track of trends and behaviours is key to making an informed decision. Our forms are equipped with calculated fields and matrixes that will help gather, compute and analyse complex data for you.

We get that crunching numbers can get tedious and we are here to assist you with this very essential part of managing your business.


Financial calculators

Our forms are adept at assisting you and your organisation calculate financial data such as loan payments, investment returns, and budgeting.


Health calculators

Managing dietary plans to planning a fitness regime, our forms are equipped to calculate and provide estimation on various metrics like body mass index, calorie intake, and basal metabolic rate.


Science calculators

Students and professionals like engineers or marine biologists can now use our calculated fields to ensure that their calculations are precise and chart projects by exporting them into spreadsheets.


Real estate calculators

Keep track of property value, mortgage payments, and property tax with our state-of-art forms and manage your business efficiently.


Energy calculators

These forms allow individuals or organizations to calculate energy consumption, energy savings, and carbon footprint.


Conversion calculators

These forms allow individuals or organizations to convert units of measurement, such as length, weight, and temperature.


Loan calculator forms

Our smart forms can help you calculate the cost of a loan, create a budget, and help schedule loan payments.


Investment calculator forms

Calculate and forecast the potential return on your investments with assistance of our matrixes and calculated fields.


Retirement calculator forms

Our forms will give you exact calculations of your savings, budget it and help you secure the next inning of your life


Mortgage calculator forms

Keep track of your income and expenditure and calculate the cost of a mortgage efficiently with our high-performing forms.

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