Enable your business to segment customer database based on location and send personalized communication for specific groups. Additionally, our Address Fields can also help make shipping and delivering of products to customers easier!


Collect Addresses Intuitively

Capture address information by allowing users to create a single address field and then split it into separate fields for street address, city, state, and zip code. Our intuitive address fields eliminate the need to create multiple input fields and streamline your form-building process for better efficiency. 

Customize your address fields and make them mandatory or optional as per your requirement with MakeForms:


How Address Fields can benefit your data collection:

  • Help efficiently organize and store accurate customer address information
  • Help segment customer database based on location for personalized communication
  • Assist in the process of shipping or delivering goods to customers
  • Gather information for demographic analysis for better analysis of consumer-behaviour
  • Gather information for customer support or customer service for better grievance resolution